28th Infantry Regiment in overcoats, c. 1910.

The overcoat with wide collar was the regulation wear over full dress in cold weather. Here two pals don’t let having their picture taken interfere with their cigarette habit. It appears they belong to Company A, 28th Infantry.

28th Infantry Regiment pals, c. 1910.

The back of this photo postcard has a Minneapolis photographer’s address, and the collar badge has a regimental number beginning with "2". There is little doubt these pals are also from the 28th Infantry. Between 1902 and 1914 the 28th alternated overseas tours with stateside garrison duty, and that garrison duty was at Ft. Snelling, Minnesota. The seated soldier’s collar seems unusually tall. Compare it and the relative size of the “U.S.” to that in the photograph below.

28th Infantry Regiment, c. 1910.

This last 28th Infantry portrait is of a soldier not so young as the ones above. He is also from Company A.

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