Officer and Soldier, Perhaps National Guard, c. 1910.

The above photo shows a mix of old and new uniform items. The hat is the 1902 model, but the coat is not. The belt is an old pattern, too, which makes me think this is a member of the National Guard, perhaps from South Carolina where this photo was obtained. The insignia on the hat clearly denotes Company D of the 1st Infantry, and most states had "1st Infantry" units. However, the hat is missing the white band denoting that branch.

The photo below was addressed to a Mr. Hill in Missouri, so perhaps the officer shown is a member of that state's National Guard. Unfortunately, the detail is too blurred to make out the collar insignia and whether or not it includes the letters "U.S." (They do not look like U.S. to me.) The coat is the 1895 pattern that at this time (1911) was called the "dress coat," as opposed to the 1902 coat with buttons and trim that was called "full dress."

Page by Mark Conrad, 2010.