Infantry Company, c. 1910.

This photograph carries no identifying markings. It shows a company or half-company of infantry, either Regular Army or National Guard, at what may be a battlefield monument site. Given the leafy foliage, it may be the Fourth of July, although the weather does not appear very hot. To the company's rear sit three khaki-uniformed civilians, perhaps members of a Spanish-American War veterans' organization. Unfortunately, even under enlargement it is impossible to make out the soldiers' cap or collar insignia. The men are wearing the 1902 full dress coats, but the officers wear their second best full dress, a coat fastened with hooks and eyes, and not their longer frock coats with buttons. They also wear guantlet gloves, as opposed to white gloves like the men's. The number of officers seems excessive for a single company. Note the bugler fourth from right in the rear row.



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