(From Russkii Invalid, No. 87, 18 April, 1854)

Tula Gunsmiths Donate Labor to War Effort.

            Gunsmiths of the Tula Arms Factory, inspired by a feeling of true submissive loyalty to the Throne and motivated by the example of their fathers and grandfathers, expressed the wish, under the current wartime conditions, to take upon themselves a significant contribution in support of the Fatherland. To this end they requested permission to make during the hours set aside for rest, without pay for their work, two thousand rifled muskets above the quota assigned to them.

            The SOVEREIGN EMPEROR, upon receiving the respectfully submissive report of such laudatory efforts, ordered by HIGHEST Authority: Summon together the gunsmiths and tell them of HIS MAJESTY'S special gratitude. Along with this, tell them that so they are not deprived of compensation for their work, it is ALL MERCIFULLY desired, after allowing them to construct the indicated number of muskets during the hours assigned for rest, to budget the established piecework pay for their labor.