Advice to the Auditor-General to be more careful.

(“Sovet General-auditoru byt' ostrozhnee. (1800 g.), ” submitted by Mikhail Sokolovskii, Russkaya Starina, Volume 141, 1910, Part 1, page 350.)

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Letter of Graf Kh. A. Liven to Prince Salagov.

The Sovereign Emperor, having heard extracts from the documentation pertaining to the denunciation submitted by Lieutenant Colonel Kurt and Major Fil'kevich of Vedemeer's Jäger Regiment, deigned to decree: …3) In regard to Lieutenant Colonel Kurt's reference in Point 6 of his report to a regimental muster [polkovaya sbornaya], His Excellency is to note that such musters do not take place at all, and His Imperial Majesty desired to order that the ordnance house [ordonans-gauz] must be more careful in this and similar instances that you encounter.

No. 1879
16 July 1800.

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Translated by Mark Conrad, 2006.