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Родословная и доказательства о дворянстве поручика Ангелия Георгиевича Сидери.


…В воздаяние ревностной службы его Сидери, и отлично примерной храбрости и мужества коими он во время ретирады 29-го октября 1829-го Года в деле продолжавшившемся от разсвета до самаго вечера, одушевлял подчиненных, ВСЕМИЛОСТИВЕЙШЕ пожалован 30-го марта 1830-го Года кавалером ордена Св. Анны 4-й ст. С надписью за храбрость. (Грамота на орден 20 Апреля 1830 года No. 1084.)


В воздаяние ревностной службы и отличия оказаннаго им Сидери во время обороны креспости Баязет и мужественнаго отражения от оной корпуса Ванскаго Паши 20-го и 21-го Июня 1829-го Года, где он находясь с застрельщиками с правой стороны Восточной батареи, отражал сильные натиски неприятеля и отличал себя примерным мужеством; при чем быв ранен пулею в правое плечо, не оставил своего места, ВСЕМИЛОСТИВЕЙШЕ пожалован 21-го Апреля 1830-го Года кавалером ордена Св. Анны 3-ой степени с бантом. (Грамота на орден 20 мая 1830 года под No. 1311.)




Pedigree and Proof of Nobility of Lieutenant Angelii Georgievich Sideri.


…In recognition of Sideri’s zealous service and the distinguished and exemplary courage and bravery with which he encouraged his men while retreating on 29 October 1829 in an affair that lasted from dawn to nightfall, by Highest Authority he was awarded on 30 March 1830 the order of St. Anne 4th class with an inscription for courage. (Patent for the order 20 April 1830, No. 1084.)


In recognition of Sideri’s zealous service and the excellence he demonstrated during the defense of the Bayazet fortress and the courageous  repulse from there of the Pasha of Van’s corps from 20 to 21 June 1829, when he was with marksmen on the right wing of the Eastern Battery and fought off strong enemy attacks and distinguished himself with exemplary bravery, and during which he was wounded by a bullet in the right shoulder but did not leave his post, he was awarded by Highest Authority on 21 April 1830 the order of St. Anne 3rd class with bow. (Patent for the order 20 May 1830, No. 1311.)




Sideri’s service record is also summarized in this document: 1821 August 4 – of noble origin, entered service as an officer-candidate [podpraporshchik] in the Crimea Infantry Regiment; 1824 April 10 – promoted to distinguished officer-candidate [portupei-praporshchik]; 1825 June 14 - promoted to ensign [praporshchik] (Patent 1826 December 31, No. 3742); 1826 June 13 – transferred to the Kozlov Infantry Regiment; 1829 April 19 – promoted to sublieutenant for distinction in battle against the Turks; 1830 March 30 – order of St. Anne 4th class with inscription for courage; 1830 April 21 – order of St. Anne 3rd class with bow; 1830 July 24 – released from service due to wounds, with the rank of lieutenant, the right to wear the uniform, and full pension (ukase of 1831 May 30).


In 1836 Sideri was 33 years old, living in Taganrog, and unmarried. He later married and had a son, Leonid, who was registered in the provincial nobility on 9 March 1849.


From Adres-Kalendar’ 1854 we know that in that year Lieutenant Sideri was the town commandant [gorodnichii] of Makar’ev, in Nizhnii-Novgorod Province.



(From Tavricheskaya Rodoslovnaya Kniga, 1836, held at the Central Archive of the Crimea at Simferopol. Microfilm copy number 2084336 (Noble Family Register 1804-59 Tavrida) from the Family History Center, Salt Lake City. Translated by Mark Conrad, 2002.)