Substantial Expenditures in the Guards…


 (From Tseikhgauz No. 14, 2/2001. Page 9.)


From the regimental chancellery of the Life-Guards Semenovskii Regiment to Her Imperial Majesty’s cabinet.


                                                                                                                23 November, 1767.


       On 17 November 1764, by a personally signed ukase of Her Imperial Majesty, it was ordered by highest authority that 20,657 roubles from the sum of money held by the regiment be disbursed as a loan to Her Imperial Majesty’s Cabinet. And in accordance with that highest ukase of Her Imperial Majesty, there were on the directed date 10,000 roubles disbursed, the shortfall being due to the lack of excess funds at the regiment. But on the 16th of this month, a message came to the regimental chancellery from Her Imperial Majesty’s Cabinet demanding the remission to that Cabinet of the shortfall of 10,657 roubles from the 1764 order. Since here* with the regiment there is only on hand in the money chest less than three thousand roubles, and although in Saint Petersburg there are 25,807 roubles, with indeed a draft from here of 4,000 roubles will be added to that sum, due to contracts for the coming year of 1769 from those funds there must be issued 17,564 roubles for making cloth for soldiers’ uniforms, 4526 roubles from sashes for field and company-grade officers, 3280 roubles for timber for rebuilding officers’ houses and soldiers’ huts which have fallen into dilapidation, 4560 roubles for wood to heat soldiers’ rooms, and also for them about 700 roubles for candles for the coming winter. In addition, gilt grenade pouches and cartridge boxes with brass fittings have to be made again for the whole grenadier company, since these have become old and are falling apart from their long past use, and this will require about 3000 roubles. So from the aforesaid, there is nothing from which to disburse the demanded sum of money to Her Imperial Majesty’s Cabinet. It is requested that this be made known to the Cabinet of Her Imperial Majesty.

                                                                                   Lieutenant Colonel Fedor Vadkovskii.


RGVIA F. 24, Op. 1, D. 181, L. 295-295ob.


Submitted by Aleksandr Val’kovich.





Page 9: Grenadiers of the Life-Guards Preobrazhenskii, Semenovskii, and Izmailovskii Regiments, 1763-1786. Watercolor by P.I. Razumikhin, 1840’s. (Istoricheskoe opisanie… Part V, No. 728. VIMAIViVS.)



* At this time the regiment was in Moscow accompanying Catherine II on her journey to Kazan and Simbirsk.


Translated by Mark Conrad, 2002.