The Field Marshal’s Dog.



 (From Tseikhgauz No. 14, 2/2001. Page 8.)



4 October 1759, duty office of the commanding general.


       A dog belonging His Serene Lordship General Field-Marshal went missing today—a male hound, red with dark spots, mane, and curly tail. All ranks of all regiments and commands are to be notified of this, and if it is caught by anyone, then it is to be sent to the general’s duty office.


                                                                                                                             Duty Major

                                                                                                                        Il’ya Zalatarev



RGVIA F. 130, OP. 1/205, Sv. 1, D. 1, L. 27.


Submitted by V. Yegorov.


[The duty office is that of General Field-Marshal P.S. Saltykov, commanding the Russian “Foreign” army [Zagranichnaya armiya] in the Seven Years’ War of 1756-63.]


Translated by Mark Conrad, 2002.