(From Russkaya Starina, Vol. 112, 1902 No. 4, page 548.)


Highest order not to refer to Sevastopol as Akhtiar nor Eupatoria as Kozlov.


Submittal by the Minister of Justice to the Senate.


5 February 1826, No. 1947.


The Chief of His Imperial Majesty’s Main Staff informed me that the Sovereign Emperor deigned to issue the following Highest Order: that the city of Sevastopol no longer be referred to as Akhtiar, but always as Sevastopol. Likewise, the town of Eupatoria [Yevpatoriya] is not to be called Kozlov, but Eupatoria.


I have the honor of submitting this Highest Order to the Ruling Senate to be carried out as appropriate.




Translated by Mark Conrad, 2005.