Cavalry March Squadrons Pass through Focsani, 1854.

Russkii Invalid, 1854 No. 87 (18 April)  

"The SOVEREIGN EMPEROR deigned to receive with special satisfaction the testimony of the Commander-in-Chief of the Active Army that the march squadrons of the 4th Light Cavalry Division, inspected by him when passing through Focsani to join their regiments, were found to be in complete and perfect order. HIS MAJESTY therefore expresses His sincere recognition to the Inspector of Reserve Cavalry, General of Cavalry Graf Nikitin, and MONARCHAL GRATITUDE to: Commander of the Reserve Light Cavalry Division, General-Adjutant Prince Bagration-Imeretinskii; Chief of Staff of the Inspector of Reserve Cavalry, Lieutenant General von der Launits 1st; Commanders of the composite reserve regiments, Colonel Baron von Mirbach 2nd of the 2nd Lancer and Colonel Yuzhakov 1st of the 2nd Hussar; and all officers."  

 * * * * * * * * * *  

Translated by Mark Conrad, 2000.

(Note: "march squadrons" were used to move reinforcements to the theater of operations.  Here it appears that reserve cavalry units have provided and/or trained reinforcements for the 4th Light Cavalry Division on the Danube front.)