Nikolai Pavlovich Lomakin, 1830-1902.
In the Caucasus and Transcaspian

(From Sytin's Voennaya Entsiklopediya, 1911-15)

LOMAKIN, Nikolai Pavlovich. General of Infantry (1830-1902). He was educated in the Polotsk Cadet Corps and the Nobiliary Regiment. He began service in 1848 in the 19th Artillery Brigade. From 1850 to 1863 he took part in the Caucasian war with distinction, and then was attached for special assignments to the commander of forces in Daghestan, and was chief of the Transcaspian Military Sector. In the Khiva campaign of 1873, Lomakin commanded the Mangyshlak column and for his excellent service received the rank of major general, a gold sword, and the order of St. Vladimir 3rd class with swords. On the death of General I. D. Lazarev, in 1879 Lomakin was put in charge of the expedition in Akhal-Teke, but after his unsuccessful assault of Geok-Tepe he gave over command of the expedition to General Tergukasov. In 1881 he was named the Tiflis military commander, and three years later--commander of the 24th Local Brigade. In 1886, Lomakin was promoted to lieutenant general, and in the following year received command of the 19th Infantry Division. In 1897 he retired with promotion to general-of-infantry and left public life. In addition to some articles of a technical nature, Lomakin wrote valuable notes about his service, "Ten Years in the Transcaspian Territory", printed in Voenno-Istoricheskii Vestnik in 1911-12.


Translated by Mark Conrad, 1999.