Mikhailo Liparaki, Greek officer in the Russian Army, 1808-1845.




On 15 November 1808, Mikhailo Liparaki, of a noble family from the island of Ithaca in the Ionian Republic, entered Russian service as a junker (officer candidate) in the 22nd Jäger Regiment. He was promoted to porte-épée junker [portupei-yunker, distinguished officer candidate] on 6 January 1812, and transferred to the newly formed 52nd Jägers on 8 September 1812. On 22 December 1815, Liparaki was finally promoted to ensign, the first officer rank, after 7 years’ service, but promotion to sublieutenant quickly followed on 7 November 1816. He transferred to the Taurica Garrison Battalion on 8 March 1817, actually arriving at this new duty station on 16 May. After some 8 years’ service here, on 26 April 1825 Liparaki retired from service citing ill health. He spent nearly a decade in retirement, but on 31 August 1834 he was again accepted into service with the Taurica Garrison Battalion at his old rank of sublieutenant, actually taking up his duties on 25 October. On 12 November 1836 he was promoted to lieutenant. On 28 January 1839, Liparaki was transferred to No. 1 Company of the Engineer Administration. Our last record of him is from 1845, when he was registered into the nobility of Taurica Province with the following paticulars: Mikhailo Frantsevich Liparaki, age 59, married, sons Aleksandr and Ioann (Alexander and John). At this time he was still in No. 1 Company.



Source: This is a representative sketch of an officer’s service record as outlined in an application for confirmation of noble status. This one is from Tavricheskaya Rodoslovnaya Kniga, 1845, held at the Central Archive of the Crimea at Simferopol, and available on microfilm number 2084336 (Noble Family Register 1804-59 Tavrida) from the Family History Center, Salt Lake City.  -  Mark Conrad, 2003.