Ven'yamin Mikhailovich Zaichik.


(From Kholm Slavy (The Hill of Glory). By G.N. Rokotov. Izdatel'stvo "Kamenyar" L'vov, 1965. Third edition with changes, 1972. Page 106. The "Hill of Glory" in the city of L'vov [Lviv, Lemberg] in the Ukraine is a large war cemetery.)


Guards captain. In a tank regiment as deputy to the commander for technical matters. Born 1 June 1920 in Odessa. Jew. Member of the party. After finishing school in Kutais entered the engineering faculty of the Military Academy for Mechanization and Motorization of the Red Army, successfully completing courses in 1941. In the operational army since the end of 1941. Seriously wounded and twice contused. Awarded the orders of the Red Banner, Red Star, Patriotic War 2nd class, Patriotic War 1st class (posthumously), and the medal "For the Defense of Stalingrad." Killed 19 March 1945 in the village of Dittnansdorf, Germany. Row 2, plot 20.


Translated by Mark Conrad, 2004.