Boris Ivanovich Shneider.


(From Kholm Slavy (The Hill of Glory). By G.N. Rokotov. Izdatel'stvo "Kamenyar" L'vov, 1965. Third edition with changes, 1972. Page 140. The "Hill of Glory" in the city of L'vov [Lviv, Lemberg] in the Ukraine is a large war cemetery.)  


Guards major general of tank forces. Commander of armored tank and mechanized troops of the 7th Guards Army, deputy army commander for armored tank and mechanized troops. Born in 1908 in Georgia. Georgian. Member of the party. Drafted into the Red Army in 1930. From March through June of 1931 he took part in the destruction of the basmach bands of Ibrahim Bek. Awarded an engraved watch from the People's Committee. In 1938 at Lake Khasan he fought the Japanese imperialists. The beginning of the Great Patriotic War found Lieutenant Colonel Shneider behind the walls of the M.F. Frunze Military Academy. In the operational army from 25 June 1941. For his military service he was three times awarded the order of the Red Banner, the order of Kutuzov 2nd class, and the medal "For the Defense of Leningrad." Died 8 February 1945. Row 4, plot 9.


Translated by Mark Conrad, 2004.