Kabardans on the Fronts of the Great Patriotic War

(Three random biographies from the many in Malokabardintsy na frontakh Velikoi Otechestvennoi Voiny, 1941-1945, by V. S. Beslaneev, published in Lesser Kabarda in 1995.)

Mikhail Uazirovich Kumykov - Mikhail was born in 1923 in a peasant family. He finished 7th grade in the village school, and worked in agriculture in Upper Kurp. He was here when the war came.

In November, 1941, 18-year old Mikhail was called up into the ranks of the Red Army. Private Kumykov received his baptism of fire with the 3rd Rifle Regiment near Rostov. In July of 1942 Mikhail was transferred to the 323rd Rifle Regiment. As part of this regiment, Private Kumykov took part in the heroic defense of Stalingrad. In March of 1943 he received a new assignment - the artillery. He was designated gun crew member in the 224th Reserve Artillery Regiment, with which he remained until August, 1943. In August of 1943 Junior Sergeant Kumykov was transferred to the 3rd Tank Destroyer Artillery Regiment and put in charge of aiming a gun. The Red Army, having seized the initiative in military operations, began to advance on all fronts. The occupiers began to be driven out of all the USSR's territory. The brave artillery soldier helped liberate the Ukraine and Poland, and crushed the enemy in East Prussia. But for him the war was not yet over. Soon he was sent to the Far East and as part of the Transbaikal Front's troops took part in destroying militaristic Japan. Only in February of 1947 did he return to his native village.

The chest of this brave artilleryman was decorated with six awards: two medals "For Bravery", the medals "For the defense of Sevastopol", "For the Taking of Konigsberg", "For Victory over Germany", and "For Victory over Japan". After the war he worked in district offices, passing away in 1978.

Al' Ozirmesovich Umarov - A.O. Umarov was born in the settlement of Islamov in 1907. He was one of the first in the village to leave for the front in 1941. He was among those who defended the Caucasus and their native Kabardino-Balkaria from the enemy, and then liberated it. Later Umarov fought tanks in the Kerch operation and helped free the Crimea in May of 1944, and was wounded. After recovery in the hospital, it was back to the front. He fought as part of the 315th Guards Rifle Regiment and 256th Rifle Regiment, liberating the Ukraine and Czechoslovakia. He was again wounded in the beginning of 1945 in Czechoslovakia. V-E day found Al' Umarov near Prague.

For his courage and firmness Private Umarov was decorated with the Order of the Patriotic War, 2nd Class, the Order of the Red Star, and the medals "For the Defense of the Caucasus" and "For Victory over Germany".

After being demobilized from the Red Army in 1945, Al' worked at his native collective farm "40 Years since October" until his well-earned retirement. Al' Ozirmesovich Umarov, veteran of war and labor, died in 1992.


Nazirkhan Tituevich Klishev - Nazirkhan was born in 1922 in a peasant family and finished his village school. He dreamed of becoming an aviator. In 1940 Nazirkhan enrolled in the Nal'chik Aero Club. He completed training here successfully in 1941, and continued courses at the aviation school for pilots in Krasnodar. But war broke out. All personnel at the aviation school went to defend their native soil. Cadet Klishev received his first baptism of fire in the battles around Korenovskaya Settlement in Krasnodar District. Here he also received his first combat award for bravery - the medal "For Military Merit". Under the assaults of superior enemy numbers, our forces had to retreat to the Caucasus. In the defensive, and later offensive, battles for the Caucasus there were many cadets from the Krasnodar Aviation School, among them Nazirkhan Klishev. Nazirkhan was not fated to battle the enemy in the sky during the war years. In 1944, along with many other cadets of the aviation school, Klishev was sent to the Frunze Aviation School for Pilots and finished here only in 1946, after victory. Lieutenant Klishev was assigned to the 591st Fighter Regiment, which was located in Poland. For many years Nazirkhan served in the USSR Air Force. As deputy commander of an aviation regiment, Major Klishev retired in 1964.

The Motherland recognized Major N.T. Klishev's military service with the Order of the Patriotic War, 2nd Class, two awards of the Order of the Red Star, and the medals "For Military Merit" and "For Victory Over Germany".

Nazirkhan Tituevich Klishev, war veteran, now lives in the town of Nal'chik.


Translated by Mark Conrad, 1998.