“Iznasilovanie 64 letnei ‘devki’” and “’Shalosti’ v Izmailvoskom polku,” submitted by N. Sokolovskii. Russkaya Starina, Vol. 130, Part 2, 1907. Page 172.



The Rape of a 64-Year Old “Wench.”


Report by Lieutenant General Choglokov, 30 June 1814, No. 356, to Graf Miloradovich.


I have received a report from the Würzburg governor, Baron Lerchenfeld, informing me that Non-commissioned Officer Yefim Ignat’ev of the reserve companies that were under the command of Colonel Titov committed the rape of a 64-year old devka [girl, wench, tart, whore] and stabbed her several times, mortally wounding her. He has been turned over by me to a court-martial in the Grenadier Corps. Of this I inform Your Excellency.


*     *     *



“Pranks” in the Izmailovskii Regiment.


Memorandum by Lieutenant General Sabaneev to Lieutenant General Yermolov, 18 April 1814, No. 2020.


Yesterday His Excellency the commander-in-chief found Private Afanasii Vorochav of the Life-Guards Izmailovskii Regiment outside of town, in the act of trying to rape a woman. Consequently he was ordered taken under guard, where he remained until today. At this time I am sending him to Your Eminence. The commander-in-chief orders that he be punished in front of the regiment and this punishment be recorded in the journal. The commander of the Izmailovskii Regiment is to receive a reprimand for allowing soldiers to wander about alone and engage in pranks. I have the honor to inform Your Eminence of this so that these instructions may be carried out.





Translated by Mark Conrad, 2004