Attestation of Ensign Mirgidich Arutinov Izmirskii, 1793.


By the decree of Her Majesty the Sovereign Empress Catherine Alekseeva, All-Russian Autocrat, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, from the Military Collegium, it is attested that Ensign Mirgirdich Arutinov Izmirskii, now retired from military service, who in the past year of 1788 of his own desire was enrolled in a detachment of volunteers and before the capture of Ochakov was in many skirmishes, and during the assault was in front with the volunteers where he was wounded by a bullet and slashed in the shoulder, was by virtue of this service deserving of an award of rank, and that on the 30th of June ult. the aforesaid Arutinov Izmirskii with the approval of General-in-Chief and cavalier Graf Nikolai Ivanovich Saltykov’s recommendation to the Military Collegium was retired from military service with the granting of the rank of ensign in recognition of his demonstrated zeal in service and wounds received, and in accordance with the decree of Her Imperial Majesty he was discharged to live on his own means. Given in St. Petersburg the 31st day of July of the year 1793.



Lieutenant General Nikolai Ladyzhenskii
Major General Yevdokim (unclear)
Comptroller General and cavalier Prince Yegor (unclear)
For the secretary-protocolist Pavel Pomerishchov 

With Her Imperial Majesty’s seal attached,
Lieutenant Vasilii Kamenev.


(From Tavrida Noble Delegates Assembly, Papers 1794-1916. Microfilm 2063580, Family History Center, Salt Lake City, Utah. Translated by Mark Conrad, 2003.)