Record of the service and merit of the district surveyor of Simferopol District,
Petr Vasil’ev syn Getmanov.


Compiled 31 March 1797.


Rank and name: district surveyor [uezdnyi zemlemer], Simferopol District, Ensign [praporshchik] Petr Vasil’ev syn Getmanov.

Age: 39.

Social origin: From the from the nobility.

Number of male serfs with their district and village: None.

Entry into service, ranks and dates: corporal, survey office of New-Russia Province, 8 March 1778; company quartermaster, 28 May 1781; surveyor, on the order of the late Taurica Governor-General Potemkin, 15 August 1785; ensign, 8 March 1790; district surveyor, 20 August 1795.

Campaigns and actions: None.

Punished or charged: Never.

Fit for service: Fit.

Ever retired, either with or without pension: Never retired.

Long periods of leave in current rank: None.

Wife and children: Married to the daughter of Little-Russian nobleman Pashchenko, no children.

*       *      *       *       *

[Attached patent of rank.]


We by God’s grace Catherine the Second, Empress and All-Russian Autocrat, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera,


Let it be made known to all that Petr Getmanov who served as a Sergeant [Vakhmistr], for his demonstrated zeal and diligence toward our service, is all-mercifully awarded and instituted as one of Our ensigns [praporshchiki], on this eighth day of March of the year one thousand seven hundred ninety. In making this award and institution We do hereby order that all Our subjects recognize and honor this Petr Getmanov in the manner befitting Our ensign, and in turn We trust that he in this all-mercifully granted rank will act as befitting a loyal and good officer. In witness of this We direct that Our Military Collegium sign this, and that Our sovereign seal be fixed thereupon. Given in St. Petersburg on the 26th of March of the year 1791.



Lieutenant General Nikolai Ladyzhenskii
Major General Nikolai Boltin
Comptroller General and Cavalier (unclear)
Chief Secretary Matfei Donskoi


*       *      *       *       *


(From Tavrida Noble Delegates Assembly, Papers 1794-1916. Microfilm 2063580, Family History Center, Salt Lake City, Utah. Translated by Mark Conrad, 2003.)