The Fourteenth Infantry Regiment, c. 1910.



Here are three photographs of enlisted men from the US Army’s 14th Infantry Regiment, c. 1910.  The locations in which these photographs were taken are unknown, and may be different places. In the decade before World War One, the 14th Infantry was stationed at various times at several forts in the western United States, as well as in the Philippines and Alaska.



Five EM's on Steps


Above: The man in the middle front wears the English-style overcoat authorized for enlisted men in 1908. The man on the far right has the crossed-axes sleeve badge of a pioneer. Click here for three close ups.




Above: A pair of 14th Infantry privates. Click here for a close up the cap badge of the man on the right.



14th inf private


Above: Lastly, a portrait of a 14th Infantry private, apparently the brother of Mrs. Adline Tretter, of St. Anthony, Indiana (see back of postcard).

Click here for a close up of the cap badge and the back of this postcard.