Estonian Cavalary, 1929.

This is a photograph of a group of Estonia soldiers—Linde, Strezeletsky, Kuusmann, Siigur, and the rest of the boys. I believe they are from the cavalry (the "R" on the collar appears to stand for Ratsarügement, meaning cavalry regiment). In the center in front an officer is flanked by non-commissioned officers. Some of the men in the back are in civilian clothes or have just come out of the shower. The group wears boots appropriate to the cavalry but I cannot see any spurs. The officer has sword slings on his belt but no sword at the moment. I do not know what his arm brassard could be. Note that two types of tunics are being worn: one with larger buttons and open all the way down the front, and another with three smaller buttons on the front neck opening that does not go all the way down the front.

Page by Mark Conrad, 2020.