Patriotic Donation from the Moscow English Club

(From Russkii Invalid, 16 April, 1854, No. 85, quoting the Moskovskiya Gubernskiya Vedomosti)

"Officers and Members of the Moscow English Club [Moskovskii Angliiskii Klub] presented the Moscow Military Governor-General with 2200 silver roubles for distribution to lower ranks wounded in battle fighting for the sacred Faith, Tsar, and Fatherland. Of this, 2000 roubles are for the Danube army, and 200 for the brave garrison of the Syr-Darya frontier fort "Petrovskii", which brilliantly beat off a horde of Kokandians last December 19th.

"General-Adjutant Graf Zakrevskii [Moscow Military Governor-General - M.C.] makes this public announcement, forwarding the referenced money for disposal by General-Adjutants Prince Gorchakov and Perovskii ."

[Gorchakov was the commander of the Danube army, and Perovskii was governor-general of Orenburg and Samara Provinces as well as commander of the Separate Orenburg Corps - M.C.]

Translated by Mark Conrad, 2000