Richard Cozens, Shipbuilder to Peter the Great.


Kozens [Cozens], Richard, master shipbuilder, died in December 1735 in Archangel. Received into Russian service in 1700. From 1701 to 1709 in Voronezh built the 70-gun ships Staryi Dub [Old Oak] and Spyashchii Lev [Sleeping Lion]. From 1707 to 1710 in Tavrov he built six ships of 24, 48, and 80 guns. From 1712 to 1732 in St. Petersburg he built nine ships, and on 10 July 1723 he was awarded the rank of captain-commodore. In January 1733 he was sent to Archangel where he worked up to the day he died, managing to build three ships and begin a fourth.


Obshchii Morskoi spisok, Vol. I, page 179.


Translated by Mark Conrad, 2001.