Costa Rican Soldiers, c. 1910-1924.

This is a commercially produced photo postcard by D. D. Gomes Casseres, Limon, Costa Rica. The postcard was stamped and cancelled, but there is no address or message. "President Jimenez" was Ricardo Jiménez Oreamuno, elected president of the Republic of Costa Rica in 1910, 1924, and 1932. Since the stamp on the card has the year 1929 on it (the cancellation mark has no legible date), the event depicted should be either 1910 or 1924. The officer's uniform conforms to Costa Rican uniform regulations laid down in 1903 and 1905. The gun crews' uniforms are of two kinds: white and a darker color, probably khaki but possibly gray. Both kinds have colored cuffs and collars, probably red. I don't know what the dark stripe on each man's left breast is. The man in the dark uniform at far left has a badge on his chest which makes me think he might be a policeman, but with his rifle slung over his back he appears to be the chief of the gun crew.

Page by Mark Conrad, 2010.