Order No. 158, dated 25 July 1855, from the St.-Petersburg Chief of Police [Ober-Politsiimeister] to the St.-Petersburg Police Force, stated: "The SOVEREIGN EMPEROR, having noticed that upon the establishment of uniform clothing for the Government Mass Levy [Opolchenie] many people have begun to use it for children, does by HIGHEST AUTHORITY deign to order: do not forbid children to wear this clothing, as long as it is without shoulder straps on the demi-caftan and without a cross on the cap. This HIGHEST wish was announced by the Minister of War to the St.-Petersburg Military Governor-General and by His Excellency’s decision relayed to me for dissemination to the St.-Petersburg Police. For due execution of this order, I direct that this be immediately announced to the capital’s inhabitants. Separately from this, the current HIGHEST will is to be made known to tailors, hatters, and clothing merchants, with signed statements to be delivered to me."  

(From the St.-Petersburg City Police Gazette, as reprinted in Russkii Invalid, No. 165, 30 July 1855.)   

Translated by Mark Conrad, 2002.