10th Regiment Royal Grenadiers, c. 1914 .

Here are two mounted photographs obtained separately but so similar in scene and subject, and identical in size in frame, that they must be of the same unit and taken at the same time. These Canadian militiamen clearly wear grenades on caps and collars. They could be either the Canadian Grenadiers Guards from Montreal, or the Winnipeg Grenadiers, except that the second photograph clearly shows “RG” on the shoulder straps, so these are the 10th Regiment Royal Grenadiers from Toronto. In 1939 this unit was renamed the Royal Regiment of Canada. In these photos, note the metal edge to the cap visors, and that there is someone in the background wearing a pillbox cap. The officers have an embroidered badge on his cap. Essentially that badge is a crown over “RG”, over the motto “Ready Aye Ready.”

Page by Mark Conrad, 2012.