(A notice printed in Russkii Invalid, No. 82, 9 April 1854.)

Tula Weapons for Sale. 


The administration of the several arms factories has the honor to hereby announce that it proposes to open in St. Petersburg a Depot of various hunting arms and Officers’ pistols, the product of Tula craftsmen, for sale at regular fixed prices, with full guarantee by the factory administration.  

The items to be sold will include: single-barreled and double-barreled muskets, rifles, various types of pistols, powder flasks, ramrods, all metal hunting accessories, and Infantry and Cavalry pistols of Gentlemen Officers, of the HIGHEST confirmed pattern, with  all their accessories.  

In addition, orders will be accepted for making any kind of weapon, and will be filled with care in the shortest possible time.  

Every musket, rifle, and pistol for sale will have a price attached to it, and the warranty of the factory administration in regard to quality.  

This Depot is being established in Skosyrev’s store for officers’ items on Vladimirskaya Street, in the Timoshenko building.