Captain (later Major) Pavel Vlasovich Antunovich.

 (This description of service is taken from the personal service record given to him in September of 1814 and his patent for the rank of Major dated 31 May 1806.)

During his service he was in campaigns and in affairs against the enemy. He was performing a major’s duty in putting brigades in order for the commander-in-chief in Georgia, Prince Tsetsiyanov, when Persian forces appeared, and from 12 July to 2 August 1805 he was in Karabat to pursue them across the Araks River. On 30 October 1806, at the orders of higher headquarters, he was sent to Poltava Province for the conscription of 9000 men, these having attached to them recruits from the conscription in the Kharkov Host of the Don territory. After uniforming these men and training them like soldiers he sent them across the border to the Army in Moldavia, where he himself went with the last 1000 men and an escort detachment, not losing a single man over such a long distance. For this excellent execution of his orders he was ALL MERCIFULLY awarded the MONARCH’S gratitude along with a jeweled ring.


 From Rodoslovnaya Dvoryanskaya Kniga Tavricheskoi Gubernii - 1818-go goda - Chast’ 3-ya. (Microfilm 2084336, Noble Family Register 1804-59; Tavrida [Province], Taurida Noble Delegate Assembly, Family History Center, Salt Lake City, Utah.)

Translated by Mark Conrad, 2002.