Attestations for Lieutenant Aleksei Grigor’ev.

*       *       *       *       *  


In accordance with the order of Her Majesty the Sovereign Empress Catherine Alekseevna, All-Russian Autocrat, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera,


As concerns Sublieutenant Aleksei Grigor’ev who was in Her Imperial Majesty’s service in the Taurica Jäger Corps [Tavricheskii yegerskii korpus] as adjutant in the Third Battalion, in accordance with his request due to attacks of illness I released him from service in the rank of sublieutenant, he not having completed his fixed term of service. Upon his being dropped from the regiment he was sent to his home in the town of Pskov. Regarding this and my issuing to him an order for his release I informed the Military Collegium. I affix my signature and seal in witness of this and to a passport in order to provide unhindered future passage wherever he needs to go in Russia. Given in Kherson on the 31st day of December of the year 1790. 

I am, General-Field Marshal of Her Imperial Majesty my All-Merciful Sovereign, commander-in-chief of the Yekaterinoslav Army.


*       *       *       *       *


In accordance with the order of Her Majesty and the Taurica Government Office [kazennaya palata], it is attested that Lieutenant Aleksei Grigor’ev, who served as inspector at the Perekop old salt lake, was assigned as inspector on 28 February 1789, and in his work there as well as when at the salt office [solyanaya ekspeditskiya] that was formerly at Perekop conducted himself honestly and in his tasks there acted as duty commanded. In the year 1793, upon the approval of Lieutenant Colonel and cavalier Taranov, counselor of the Salt Office, by his own request Grigor’ev was released from his position on 9 September. Given in confirmation of this under the signatures of the officials below and with the government seal affixed, 5th day of January of the year 1794.


Counselor Mikhail (unclear)
Regional Treasurer Semen (unclear)
Secretary Semen Fedotov
Registrar Andrei (unclear)

*       *       *       *       * 


(From Tavrida Noble Delegates Assembly, Papers 1794-1916. Microfilm 2063580, Family History Center, Salt Lake City, Utah. Translated by Mark Conrad, 2003.)