(From Sanktpeterburgskiya Vedomosti, 15 March 1799, No. 21)


On Conscripting a Former Volunteer, 1799.


In accordance with HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY’s Highest orders, the Procurator-General announces to the following petitioners of HIS MAJESTY:


…To the wife of Musketeer Ankudinov of the Old-Ingermanland Regiment, who troubled HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY with a complaint against the Tikhvin Town Association in that supposedly during the 1796 conscription it gave over her husband for service a second time, not respecting the fact that during the last Swedish war he voluntarily entered service under the condition that thenceforth he would not be included in selections by the Association: let it be known that Highest Authority has not satisfied her complaint because an investigation has revealed that her husband stipulated no such condition when he voluntarily entered service during the last Swedish war.




Translated by Mark Conrad, 2002.