Company B, 21st Infantry, c. 1913


The insignia on hats and collars identify this group photograph as of Company B, 21st Infantry. Like most US Army units, the 21st Infantry made several changes of station in the decade before World War I. The location and year of the picture are not indicated, but the similarity of the barracks building to that of the photograph below make me think it is also Vancouver Barracks, c. 1913.  


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Click here for more close-ups of the company commander, company sergeant, sergeants and bugler.

Unknown company, 21st Infantry, 1913  

A less formal group photograph (no company commander) apparently shows the same style of barracks. Notice that the chairs also appear identical. The photo (postcard size) does not have the resolution to read the regimental and company numbers on the insignia, but the back tells that the scene is Seattle, Washington, in 1913, and thus indicates the 21st Infantry at Vancouver Barracks. Both the company’s appearance and the physical photograph itself are something below that of the sharp-looking Company B above. The message on the card, addressed to Sgt. Geo. O. Griffin of Troop M, 3rd Cavalry, Ft Sam Houston, Texas, reads, “You are a nice one, not to hunt a fellow up. How is everybody write me a letter and tell me some news.”

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