Soldier’s Girl Friend in Uniform, 1919.

Soldier’s Girl Friend Models His Uniform, 1923.

The wife or girlfriend of private models his doughboy uniform, dated 1923. Does the sleeve have a shadow where a shoulder patch was removed?  

US Army Staff Sergeant’s Girl Friend Models His Uniform, circa 1930.

The wife or girlfriend of a staff sergeant models his uniform, circa 1930. Judging from the pocket pattern, the coat is a World War I era closed-collar model modified to the open-collar style made regulation in the 1920s. On the coat are the sergeant’s marksmenship medals, medal ribbons, and sleeve chevrons for long service and being in the army during the Great War. I think the boots are hers and not the sergeant’s. 

Woman in army uniform, c. 1940.

A wife or girlfriend in front of the dry goods store.

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