Konstantin Mitrofanovich Naumenko.


(From Kholm Slavy (The Hill of Glory). By G.N. Rokotov. Izdatel'stvo "Kamenyar" L'vov, 1965. Third edition with changes, 1972. Pages 125-126. The "Hill of Glory" in the city of L'vov [Lviv, Lemberg] in the Ukraine is a large war cemetery.)


Major. Deputy commander for political matters in the 5th Mobile Tank Repair Platoon. Born in 1902 in the village of Guty, Bogodukhov District, Kharkov Oblast. Ukrainian. Joined Komsomol in 1919 and the party in 1920. Graduated from the Kharkov Mechanical-Machine Construction Institute. For many years in Soviet and party work. Enrolled in the Red Army at the beginning of the war. From October 1941 to December 1944 he studied at the V.I. Lenin Military-Political Academy. After finishing at the academy his was assigned to a tank repair platoon. During the war he was awarded the orders of the Red Star and the Patriotic War 2nd class. Along with Captain Ya.A. Shchednov he was killed on 22 July 1945 near Dresden when an antitank mine left over from the war exploded. The remains of these officers were transported to L'vov and interred in the Lychakov Cemetery. Later they were removed to the Hill of Glory. Row 7, plot 4.


Translated by Mark Conrad, 2004.