Patent of Rank Given to Collegiate Registrator Semen Terekhovskii, 1793.


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We, Catherine the Second, by the grace of God Empress and Autocrat of All the Russias, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, 

Let it be made known to all that Semen Terekhovskii who served Us as a provincial registrar [gubernskii registrator], for his demonstrated zeal and diligence toward our service, is all-mercifully awarded and instituted as one of Our collegiate registrars [kollezhskii registrator] in the rank of army ensign, on this thirty-first day of December of the year one thousand seven hundred ninety-one. In making this award we also direct that all Our subjects recognize and honor this Semen Terekhovskii as our collegiate registrar, in the rank of army ensign, in a befitting manner, and in turn We trust that in this rank all-mercifully granted by Us he will act loyally and diligently as befits a faithful subject. In witness of this We direct that Our Governing Senate sign this, and that Our sovereign seal be fixed thereupon. Given in St. Petersburg on the 3rd of June of the year 1793.


Senator and cavalier Prince Petr Golitsyn
Senator and cavalier Semen (unclear)
Senator and cavalier Petr (Soi … manov)
Senator and cavalier Petr Pastukhov
Actual State Counselor Luk’yan Talizyn 

Secretary Ivan Petrov

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(From Tavrida Noble Delegates Assembly, Papers 1794-1916. Microfilm 2063580, Family History Center, Salt Lake City, Utah. Translated by Mark Conrad, 2003.)